Myows – Free Copyright Protection Website

Protect your work with this free copyright protection website Are you a writer, blogger, photographer, musician, designer or anyone else that works in the creative industry or works in an industry that requires having your work or creation protected? Do you want to have peace of mind and comfort in the knowledge that your work … Read more

Pixabay – 100{3d63679b890d228cc3b9f0dfaafa02fc316af511814898911d665640b9ea3dc5} Free to use images

Pixabay - 100{3d63679b890d228cc3b9f0dfaafa02fc316af511814898911d665640b9ea3dc5} Free to use images Finding free high-quality images on the internet can be difficult, but finding 100{3d63679b890d228cc3b9f0dfaafa02fc316af511814898911d665640b9ea3dc5} free to use images can be harder. Pixabay is one such place that provides not only high-quality images but videos, illustrations and vector files too, all free of charge with no requirement to provide attribution ... Read more

Perfect Icons

Perfect Icons – Create Your Own The easiest way to create resolution independent social icons. You simply add in your preferred social network. Choose the size you want, add your hover effect and choose the edges you prefer i.e. square or rounded edges. And choose the colour of your icon. There is some knowledge of ... Read more

Blind Text Generator

Blind Text Generator So your building a website? You just want to get it done and dont have time to write the text to fill out the pages just yet. Or your short of time and you need to show your client a working version of the website or layout. Well here is a handy ... Read more

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