Myows – Free Copyright Protection Website

Protect your work with this free copyright protection website Are you a writer, blogger, photographer, musician, designer or anyone else that works in the creative industry or works in an industry that requires having your work or creation protected? Do you want to have peace of mind and comfort in the knowledge that your work … Read more

CosmoBox Bundle – The Absolutely Free Element 3D Planet Pack

CosmoBox Bundle - The Absolutely Free Element 3D Planet Pack Yes that's right 100{3d63679b890d228cc3b9f0dfaafa02fc316af511814898911d665640b9ea3dc5} and absolutely free. This amazing planet pack is free to download and free to use in your projects. The Cosmo Box Bundle is built for Element 3D but you can also use them in any other software package as they have ... Read more

Modelling A 3D Living Room

Modelling A 3D Living Room Maya Modeling Tutorial - Modeling a Living Room Modelling a living room using Autodesk Maya 3D software. David Horol takes you step by step on how to properly design, build and texture a living room throughout this playlist of tutorials. Original Credit: Name: 3D Artcore Web:

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