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Ok, this is a little gem, hidden away in the parts of the internet that are rarely seen! And I don’t know why.

This website/service is one of those ones that are around for ages but you never hear of, so what is it?

Well, this is one for web designers, developers or just those who want to learn how to use WordPress but don’t actually know how or are a bit afraid of using it in case you break something. Well, you don’t have to worry about that because this resource is something for everyone who wants to have a try.

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Lets begin by explaining what it is. DIY with WP is a testing platform for WordPress, so that means you can sign up for a free account and you get a free WordPress website, sounds good but you don’t get to keep the website, it is only for testing out WordPress.

And here is the good part, it is packed full of Premium WordPress content, I mean packed. Some of the most popular developers are there, Elegant Themes, WPMU Dev, StudioPress and on and on. Of course, there are all of the free WordPress Themes and Plugins there too. And then there are the plugins. Again all of the names are there too.

So basically this website is for setting up test websites to try out different WordPress themes and plugins in a safe environment away from your own real website. It won’t matter if you break the website or if it doesn’t work because you can simply just start a new one.

Try it here:


So whats included:

If you want to try out the impressive and truly amazing Elegant Themes Divi Theme and the Divi Builder before you buy it, you can simply install it and try before you buy. They also included another popular Elegant Themes theme called extra.

And if you wanted to try out Plugins there are a lot of quality plugins on this site already such as Elegant Themes Monarch and Bloom, a whole lot of Div Theme addons to play with, there are page builders, S.E.O plugins and just about every other kind of plugin you can think of both free and paid ones.

And if they dont have the ones you are looking for either themes or plugins you can email them and they will add them for you within a couple of days.

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So what is the catch?

Of course there has to be a catch. Well for one the website you create only lasts as long as you have it in your web browser, so the website will be there for a few minutes or all day if you want, just as long as you keep the web browser open.

The other thing is that there is no way to upload your own plugins or themes and you are allotted only 5 mb space, enough for a few images, so you wont be building an entire website with it.

The owners of the website keep it up to date with the latest version of WordPress and also the latest versions of the themes and plugins too.

So in conclusion, for what it is, it is an excellent resource for anyone with an interest in web design who wants to have a go themselves or web designers who want to try out a new theme or plugin. And there are people who might want to buy a premium theme but would like to try before they buy.

Either way this is an excellent resource and should be bookmarked for future use.

It is so easy to use, just follow the link on their site, enter the number into the captcha and its set up, easy as that.

Try it here:


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