Protect yourself and make sure you get paid!

Do you work in design, music, photography, the creative industry or just as a freelancer? Do you work on the premise of trust? Or that it wont happen to me or I dont need contracts?

Well maybe you should reconsider and look at protecting yourself a bit more, sometimes things happen, disagreements arise or you can sometimes find yourself doing a lot more work for the agreed upon price, you know those little changes which lead to more little changes and before you know it they are major changes, the job is still on going and you are not getting paid for anything.

This website is a little help. Shakelaw is a great solution for freelancers and creatives, in fact its specifically aimed at start ups, creatives, freelancers & designers. They have come up with many templates that you can use to protect you and your work.

What the people behind ShakeLaw have done is come up with a set of templates based on the design industry which are free to use, edit and send on to new clients, or existing ones and have them signed electronically. The templates come with some specifics already such as, Scope of Work, Payment Terms & Ownership of Work to name a few.

Other types of contracts are for buying & selling, renting or lending & Non Disclosure Agreements and of course if they dont have what you need you can always create your own contract to suit. All in all there are 17 pre-wrtten contracts made for you to use and edit

Shake Law:

So what is Shake Law? Shake Law is a website / service that provides contracts that can be edited and sent to clients to sign agreements electronically. So you can have a meeting with a client, work out the specifics and send the contract to be signed straight away on their device, you can even both sign the agreement on one device during coffee.

To sign up and use a contract or create your own is free! To use the premium service has a fee but you get access to speak to a legal team, it is worth pointing out again the legal advice does only cover North America & some Canadian provinces.

The premium service does also include some other contracts such as Will’s, Divorce & pre- Nup agreements.


In conclusion this is a great service to get up and running quickly with projects & contracts. By using the app’s for Android & Apple you can quickly make an agreement between parties and have them signed in minutes, protecting both you and your work from unknown’s that will always pop up unexpectedly.

Although these contracts are primarily written for North America and parts of Canada, these can be edited and tailored to suit your needs, at the end of the day a contract is a contract no matter where you are in the world.


I am not endorsing or promoting this website, service and product nor do I receive any financial rewards for promoting this website, service and product.

It is up to you to check out all the details, legal or other. I am just writing about a service that has the ability to protect you and your work from any unforeseen issues which arise from time to time.

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