How to set up your own blog or website

Do you want to set up your own website, or do you have interesting stories to tell and share but you don’t know how to do set it up or you don’t know where to start. Well then this guide will see you through and get you started.

If you wanted to set up your own website or blog you have a few options:

1: You can pay me loads of money to do it for you professionally (yes please:)

2: You can attend training courses, in a physical classroom or online training

3: Do it yourself.

In this blog post, we will focus on setting up and doing it for yourself. In this expert guide, Robert Menning has put together a thorough and from I have read, a very comprehensive guide on how to set up your own blog or website. I was so impressed with the guide I will now be using it as a teaching tool for my students.

This guide is broken down into the different steps needed for you to get your idea from your head or paper right through to getting it online.

To get started on your own blog or website visit

If you have no idea on how to start getting your blog or website online or if you have tried before but found it too difficult don’t worry, this guide is very easy to follow and doesn’t overload you with unnecessary terms and language or technical jargon.

This guide is broken into plain English, with a very easy to follow step by step guide and also uses images to help you along in the entire process. The images themselves are very useful as you can keep track of your own progress and ensure that your own website is matching up to the guide itself.

To get started on your own blog or website visit

I wrote this FREE guide to help anyone – from bloggers to business owners – make their own website without having to learn code.

Robert’s website is split into two different section’s, one for setting up a website and the other section is for building a blog. Both are very easy to follow and the guides themselves are split into steps and sections, and very well explained.

As I stated earlier I will be using this guide in my own classes and courses as I don’t have nearly enough time with my students as I would like to have, so this guide will fill in the gaps for me.

All in all this guide is an excellent starting point for those who have little experience in web design or blogging, those who want to start their own blog but don’t know how or those who need a website quickly but don’t have funds available to them.

This guide, written by Robert has helped to build over 25,000 websites and blogs since it was first published and I’m sure will be used in the creation of many thousands more.

To get started on your own blog or website visit

Original Credit:

Name: Robert Menning


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