Pocket - a new way to bookmark pages on the internet

Do you find that you have to bookmark web pages, articles or important places on the internet quite a lot. Or maybe you didn’t know you could bookmark pages to read later. This little bit of software helps with just that.

Pocket, is a Chrome extension, meaning you can add it to the Chrome web browser, so it just sits nicely on the web browser window. When you come across a web page or article that you don’t have time to read at the time or you find something on the internet that you will need for later, you simply just click on the icon and it saves online for later.

You can get it here: https://getpocket.com/

Having a little bit of software as you can save more than just web pages, you can also save images and videos too. And they all get saved right into a dashboard in the order you saved them in.

The Pocket dashboard feature also allows you to share your saved items to social media platforms too. And it’s free!

All in all this is a great bit of software for making your online life a bit more manageable and organised.

You can get it here: https://getpocket.com/

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Name: Pocket

Website: http://getpocket.com/

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