Protect your work with this free copyright protection website

Are you a writer, blogger, photographer, musician, designer or anyone else that works in the creative industry or works in an industry that requires having your work or creation protected?

Do you want to have peace of mind and comfort in the knowledge that your work is protected, without having to wait for patents, copyright lawyers or other time and money consuming way of protecting your work?

This website may be for you.

So what is Myows:

Myows is an online storage system for copyrighting your original work. When you upload an original work you get a certificate that “witnesses” the date of the upload, effectively copyrighting it. You can then go further by keeping it private, allowing it to be viewed and shared or you can sell it.

In addition, they allow you to sync your Facebook account and/or Instagram in which you can copyright any shots or work that you upload there.

Also there are a set of tools included that will help in disputes of unauthorized usage of your work on other websites

All in all not bad for a free account that will help you rest easy knowing that your work is protected.

As always there are different levels of membership, I am focusing on the free account as it is not a bad starter to cover your work to begin with. So what do you get?

  • Upload 100 files
  • Myows Copyright Watermark
  • Facebook & Instagram Sync
  • Find & Remove Unauthorized files

And here is another added bonus, you also get yourself a free website to display all of your copyright work, though I think this is only for images and other type of graphic work. The free website also allows you to sell your work.

Have a look at a free Website

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