Remote Workers (Outsourcing) and why you would use them

Have you thought about expanding your range of services in 2017? Would you like to expand your services or company but can’t afford to hire the staff to achieve your goals?

Would you like to expand your services or company but can’t afford to hire the staff to achieve your goals?

Well then remote workers / outsourcing may be the ideal solution for you and your company.


The benefits of outsourcing or hiring remote workers for a company are enormous. There is no need for extra staff, no overheads such as paying taxes, PRSI, wages or other benefits such as holiday pay or pension contributions.

Then there are the extra benefits of more revenue and bigger profits, plus offer extra services and not to mention savings on the costs of doing business.

So why would you want to use remote workers or outsourcing your work to someone else?

Well apart from making savings on the cost of doing business, not having to worry about extra wages, tax, contributions and also by saving office space by not having extra staff around the place, there are other benefits…

Let’s say for example you would like to offer your customers and clients web design as part of your services but you don’t have the means to provide that service, that is where remote workers / outsourcing comes in.

I build and design the website for a flat fee or hourly rate, I put your branding on the website, so you take the credit and more importantly get the profit and all for the cost of finding a client. Then on top of that, there are the monthly fees of web maintenance and web hosting, your only costs are the fee that is paid to the remote worker. It’s a win-win for everyone

But then how do you know you are getting what you paid for by using outsourcing / remote worker?

That bit is easy…it is simply done through the use of time tracking or team viewer apps where all hours and work is tracked and timed, so you can ensure you pay for exactly the hours worked no more or less.

With over 15 years’ experience in education, business, creating and designing plus with huge experience in lecturing, writing and delivering training courses, building websites for customers and selling them through online marketplaces, you will have the best set of hands available to you.

So to recap, for an hourly rate or flat fee you have an experienced pro at your fingertips who can bring your company a profitable 2017. But it’s the benefits that are more desirable:

  • No extra wages
  • No extra insurance (I have my own office)
  • No extra PRSI / tax contributions
  • No holiday pay
  • No pension contributions
  • More services
  • More revenue
  • More profit

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Name: Owen Forsyth


A bit about me:

I am blogger and digital entrepreneur focusing on web / graphic design, video production & 3D animation / modelling. I am also a lecturer in WordPress, teaching in Blackrock Further Education Institute. I am also an Adobe Certified Trainer and an Adobe Certified Associate with certificates in Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver & Flash

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