Doom 2016 – An Opinion

By Owen | May 25, 2016

Doom…So far! Ok this is more of an opinion rather than an official critique of the game. Its important to note that Im not into the multiplayer end of the game, for me Doom was always and will always be a one player game, for me at least. I am biased in my review in … Read more

How to get better protection for your smartphone

By Owen | December 8, 2015
How to get better protection for your smartphone These days our Smartphones are more important than our computers. Almost everyone has a Smartphone of some description. Our Smartphones are basically computers in themselves, they are just as powerful and have almost all of the functionality you have come to expect from the traditional desktop & ... Read more

How to write better headlines and get your ad noticed

By Owen | December 3, 2015
Blog Post Headline Analyzer This handy little tool will help you do just that. Here is the Headline Analyzer! A great little tool for helping to write better headlines that will analyze your ideal headline and give you a score on how your headline is going to perform. Have you found that your advertising or your ... Read more

Hospital Records Advent Calendar

By Owen | December 2, 2015
Hospital Records - Advent Calendar Its that time of year again folks! And its the time of year where the good guys over at Hospital Records have launched their Advent Calendar. The Advent Calendar opens one window every day, obviously, and contains one of a number of excellent promotional items. The items include freebies, like ... Read more

Click Cease – Click Fraud Blocking Software

By Owen | November 25, 2015
Click Cease – Click Fraud Blocking Software Do you pay for advertising on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc? Do you find that your daily budget is being used up before its supposed to be? Do you suspect that a competitor is clicking your ad in order to boost their own sales and therefore cutting you out? ... Read more

Perfect Icons

By Owen | November 25, 2015
Perfect Icons – Create Your Own The easiest way to create resolution independent social icons. You simply add in your preferred social network. Choose the size you want, add your hover effect and choose the edges you prefer i.e. square or rounded edges. And choose the colour of your icon. There is some knowledge of ... Read more

Blind Text Generator

By Owen | November 25, 2015
Blind Text Generator So your building a website? You just want to get it done and dont have time to write the text to fill out the pages just yet. Or your short of time and you need to show your client a working version of the website or layout. Well here is a handy ... Read more

A Complete Beginner’s Guide To Starting A Blog

By Owen | November 25, 2015
A Complete Beginner’s Guide To Starting A Blog According to Mike Wallagher of starting a blog can be confusing and intimidating at the beginning. Searching through Google for different “how-to” guides can yield some results, but some can be too technical and hard to follow. Mike Wallagher has set up this handy little website, which ... Read more

Modelling A 3D Living Room

By Owen | November 25, 2015
Modelling A 3D Living Room Maya Modeling Tutorial - Modeling a Living Room Modelling a living room using Autodesk Maya 3D software. David Horol takes you step by step on how to properly design, build and texture a living room throughout this playlist of tutorials. Original Credit: Name: 3D Artcore Web:

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