Visual Composer Templates

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Owen Forsyth


Video Description

When Visual Composer is installed and you are ready to build your pages, you can start with a template. In this video you will learn to add text and add images to the template.

Step by Step:

Go to – Pages – All Pages

Find A Page & Click Edit

Click Backend Editor

Here Are Visual Composer Page Templates

Select A Template

This is what the Template looks like in the WordPress Dashboard

Click Preview Changes

This is what the Template looks like in your web browser

Go back to the WordPress Dashboard page to start editing

To Edit a Template – Click The Pencil Icon

Add Your Own Text

When finished – Click Save Changes

To Add Images – Click The Pencil Icon

Click the images box

To Upload Images – Go to Upload Files

Click to find your files to upload

Select the image to upload

Click Open

When uploaded – Click Set Image

Type in the images size i.e small, large etc

To Align the image on the page

Pick Center

Click Save Changes

Preview Your Changes

When Done Click Update

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