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Owen Forsyth


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S.E.O is a huge subject, one of the best ways to maintain a S.E.O score on Google. Writing posts regularly is something that will contribute greatly to your S.E.O ranking. This walk through will show you how to write posts using the Yoast S.E.O plugin.

Step by Step:

Click In The Title Bar –

Enter the name of the page –

Click on Visual Composer. –

If you have a blog post template saved you can click on it to add it or click on default templates to add one. Alternatively you can create a blog template using the elements –

When loaded click out Add a Photo / Video etc –

In the text area. Add a subject heading –

In the subject text area. Add the text –

When finished add the post to the subject category. –

Yoast S.E.O settings: 

Copy & Paste a sentence from the start of your blog post –

Put it in the Meta Description area –

In the Focus Keyword area –

Add a word that appears throughout your post the most. You should try to write your posts with a keyword that repeats using the a few times. –

When you are finished click Save Draft or Update to the page. Your score will appear, the green will tell you how well you have scored. You can keep re-writing until you get a better score –

You should aim to have a score of at least 1 in each section.

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